Do you have enthused for photography? Are you interested in clicking something unique and different? Then you must gather some basic ideas about photography. If you want to be a good photographer, learning the basic features and functions of camera and photography as well is important. While going to take a click know the fact about shot, angle, and movement of a camera. All these basic ideas will help you to click a clear photograph. Learning exposure is very important because you will end up taking photos in tricky lighting situations. However, there is a division of indoor and outdoor photography. Professional photographers are one of the renowned photographers and according to him; you need a proper eye to capture something in your frame.


The background is one of the key factors of your photography. A clean and steady background is responsible for your crystal clear picture. The subject always depends upon the background, and that is why, while clicking anything just makes sure that your subject is properly placed in the centre of the background. When you are not able to get a proper background, you have to create it by yourself. Place velvet behind your subject, and it will not make any noise.


Light is extremely important in your photography. After making your model perfectly and comfortably sited, just adjust the lamp so that this is positioned only slightly above her or his head. Besides that, you must have a lamp positioned to the accurate side of the model. The proper and soothing light setting create a stunning and classic portrait photography result. There are numerous other lighting affects so that you can easily try out.

The shutter speed

After knowing about the lighting and background, shutter speed is one of the important factors in photography. Try to set the shutter speed to be comparatively fast. People used to set the camera to 1/160 sec at f/2.8, ISO500. Apart from that, this is also advisable that you utilize a stand to accompaniment your photography.


When you need a steady photography, using the tripod will get rid of the camera shake, henceforth refrains from the ruined indoor portrait photos. The outdoor and indoor portrait photographs produced will be piercing when you utilize a tripod. Using a tripod is quite remarkable.

Take a Few Shots

Another stuff that you can do is to take few shots only to test the exposure of the photography and general set-up. After taking the shots, print them out using the epson workforce 840 driver as it will help you to check the quality of your images and how they will look when being displayed as a hard copy.

Light sets the mood and camera angles help people to click a beautiful pic. You can also use various lightings while intend to click any nice picture. Such lighting angles contain the above, the left side, right side, behind and below your subject. It is because the longer focal lengths will outcome in much more spectacular indoor or outdoor portrait photograph.