Yeezy shoes were launched by celebrity fashion icon Kanye West in 2015, in collaboration with the sportswear company Adidas. Originally introduced as a designer brand, a wide variety of Yeezy shoes have been released regularly in limited editions in the market ever since. 

Introduced as exclusive footwear meant for men, these shoes are equally hyped among the millennials and Gen-Z. Most of the new Yeezy shoes that are released in the retail market every year are usually sold out within minutes. In particular, the Yeezy 350 model has been the most successful release. So, the question arises as to why the Yeezy shoes are popular?

Here are some of the reasons why Yeezy shoes are in the hype.

1. Limited edition products:

Yeezy shoes are high-end, limited-edition designer products that are produced in limited quantities and sometimes in slightly lower quantities than the demand. The fewer the products are, the higher their demand is, resulting in establishing the brand as a popular exclusive for the collector shoes.

The limited production of shoes has resulted in a buzz around the reseller markets and has resulted in these shoes being sold at a much higher cost than the original costs. This has, in turn, resulted in establishing the brand value for Yeezy shoes, making them a popular choice for sportswear. In addition, limited production has given rise to Yeezy reps or replicas being sold among a wide range of audiences.

2. Celebrity influence:

Kanye West, as a fashion icon, has influenced certain groups of people and is well-known in the entertainment industry, especially in the field of Hip-hop, for his peculiar style and fashion sense. Most people are keen on adopting the star’s fashion styles which have resulted as a driving force for the popularity of Yeezy shoes. 

The Yeezy shoes being seen as a stature symbol are also popular since many famous celebs like Jay-Z, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Madison Beer, Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber, Ariel Winter, and others are often seen rocking the new yeezys 700 blue shoes garnering the attention of many, especially the admirers of these celebrities.

3. Bold design and features:

If you’ve seen the design of Yeezy shoes, you must have seen their bold, earth-toned, and unique designs. Compared with the other designer shoes, Yeezy shoes for men are not only comfortable, lightweight, and athletic but also stand out when paired with outfits due to their distinctive design. The popularity of Yeezy shoes also lies in the availability of various designs and models such as Yeezy 350 boost, Yeezy 700 v3, Yeezy Foam Runner, and so on.

Manufactured with eminent features such as heels cushions, prime knit, adaptive and longer side stripes extending to toes, Yeezy shoes are wearable and last significantly. Some pairs are also available in reflective and unisex designs, making it an immensely seeking brand among the younger generations.


Over the years since its launch, Yeezy has established itself as a suitable brand for both comfort and luxury with exclusively designed shoes and other products.