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What Are The Top 5 Local Attractions In Mornington Peninsula?

Have you ever heard of Mornington? It is a beautiful place that is about a 90-minute drive from Melbourne. The city is absolutely gorgeous every season. You can find the ocean on one side and Port Phillip Bay. It is set up on a thin strip with loads of prime real estate that the owners often offer as luxury accommodation in the Mornington Peninsula.

While you are in Mornington Peninsula rental property, you can enjoy the beautiful rugged coastal vistas, charming seaside places, quiet coves, and friendly parks or gardens. The best part is that many pet-friendly accommodations in Mornington Peninsula allow you to bring your little furry family person along with you.

There are loads that one has to explore on their trip to Mornington. But, first, go through the blog; only then will you understand why this picturesque region is a popular weekend destination!

Mornington Peninsula National Park

The national park in Mornington is situated in the wilderness of the far western coastal rim of the Peninsula. It has almost all the wild, windswept ocean beaches one can find anywhere in Mornington. You can explore the park’s coastal areas on your cliff-top hiking trail. Besides that, the National Park includes nature walks, picnics, surfing, and horseback riding on the beach. 

Peninsula Hot Springs

If you are in Mornington for a relaxing trip, you must take out some time to soak in the Peninsula Hot Springs. The hot mineral water in the spring oozes from the deep underground into many pools set perfectly within the forest of tea trees. According to your company, the hot springs offer both private and public spaces for people to enjoy. Special treatments such as Turkish steam bath, cave pool, hilltop pool, or reflexology walk – book anything you like. 

Enjoy Watching Dolphin And A Swim

Are you wondering what lies beneath Port Phillip Bay? You know the view is as alluring as it is on the surface. Port Phillip Bay is home to about 80 wild bottlenose dolphins. It offers people to enjoy swimming with playful dolphins. It marks one of the gorgeous highlights of your stay in Mornington Peninsula rentals. If you are a non-swimmer, you can relax on the deck while watching the dolphins swim around the boat. 

Arthurs Seat Eagle 

If you want to overview the spectacular Mornington Peninsula, you must take the ride on the Arthurs Seat Eagle. With the gondola ride, you can experience the sweeping views of bushland and blue bay framed with eucalyptus trees stretching out below you while you are gliding up to the summit station (the highest point in the Peninsula). Once you reach the peak, you can relax at the cafe and take a stroll to experience more divine views. 

Ashcombe Maze

Ashcombe Maze is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mornington. The hedge maze in the garden is drop-dead gorgeous, but it is quite challenging on the other hand. The other parts of the property have developed a rose maze that boasts the oldest circular rose maze in the entire world. Other than that, you can find a series of lavender gardens on the property. You can also enjoy the Great Gnome Hunt activity hosted in this place. 

Where To Stay In Mornington Peninsula?

Now that you know where you can visit on your trip to Mornington Peninsula let’s get into some important discussion. Where to stay?

Mornington Peninsula rentals play a major role in your overall experience of the place. Thus, choosing the finest affordable or luxury accommodations in Mornington Peninsula listed at Booka Break is best. In addition, it is the best platform for you to search for rental properties that may fit your budget and your requirements. Visit the website for more information. 


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