Not to mention how popular the Suicide Squad movie was, the fame of the actors kept on increasing till the point that Suicide Squad joker tattoos are the new trend in the market.

The Joker is one of the most memorable characters from the entire DC Comics. Being a part of many films, many actors have also taken on the momentous task to represent this twisted and intriguing supervillain. Often associated with rebellion and evil, the joker can also represent perseverance and determination no matter if his energy seems to channel through something negative.

So if you are planning to reflect some strong and bold message, trying a joker hand or smile tattoo might be your best beginning. We have other joker tattoos ideas for you in-store. Keep reading this blog!

For a better balance between good and evil, you can try tattooing an image of Joker and his arch-nemesis Batman. Suicide Squad joker tattoos additionally represent life and death. If you want to put more focus on the romantic side of the character, consider choosing from Harley Quinn and Joker tattoos. You will find multiple ways to add a Joker tattoo to your hand or body. Despite being the bad-dest villain, people are often inspired by different qualities associated with the character.

Top 7 Joker Tattoo Ideas For You to Try

 1. Joker Smile Hand Tattoo

The joker is popular for various tattoos on himself, yet the Joker smiling hand tattoo is one of the most viral ones. This amazing tattoo will remind you that there are always two sides to a person. One is what a person puts as a facade in public while the other one is what they suffer in silence. You can reflect it as a warning to shield your heart and be wary of people you trust. You could also consider this Joker smile hand tattoo to explore the importance of mental health.

For those who wish to pay tribute to their favorite supervillain ever, the joker smile hand tattoo is an edgy and cool way to do so. Though they may hurt a bit more than other Joker tattoo ideas on our list, they are quite famous because of their visibility and message. Make up your mind well before getting inked.

2. Joker Hahaha Tattoo

Batman’s arch-nemesis is a twisted character in DC. He is frequently related to traits like darkness, death, and mischief, but apart from these, there are other standout things about Joker as well that many people are fascinated and motivated by. One of these is the maniacal laugh, which is terrifying, contagious, and exemplifies how unhinged the character is. The joker’s evil laugh after doing things indicates he has no regrets or remorse. If you are someone looking for joker tattoo ideas that represent no regrets sort of thing, the joker laugh tattoo will make for the perfect tattoo. Also, be ready to become the center of a conversation as people will try to figure out what the masterpiece means to you and in general. You can get this amazing Suicide Squad joker tattoo inked somewhere on your body that can be hidden easily with clothes. This way, it would be no one’s business and the ink will remain personal, shown off on your terms.

3. Joker And Harley Quinn Tattoo

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Looking for some romantic motivation from Suicide Squad joker tattoos? The Joker and Harley Quinn share one of the deepest and most complicated relationships in DC Comics. To some people, they have everlasting love and passion for each other. They can’t live without each other and belong only together. But together, they are so toxic, and their relationship is abusive and volatile. A tattoo representing these two could mean several things. Having a Harley Quinn and Joker tattoo will represent dedication, obsession, and unconditional love. It could also work as a warning, calling you out from unhealthy and toxic relationships and people who are bad for you. The choice of picking between cartoonish approach and original drawings of The Joker and Harley Quinn is yours.

4. Suicide Squad Joker Tattoos

Many Hollywood movies and series have presented the Joker with a slightly different interpretation of the way he acts, looks, or his character is. If you are looking for a memorable portrayal of the same, then the joker tattoo of Suicide Squad should be your choice. You can pick your choice of markings and body art depending on what the character had in the film. You can also get inked a Jared Leto’s Joker tattoo, to make it more focused on the character’s real traits – darkness, madness, and pure perseverance. For those who want to go a little extra, adding a Joker and Harley Quinn tattoo could add the flavor of dedication, undying love, and obsession.

5. Joker Smile Tattoo

The Joker’s smile is one of the most iconic things about the character. He has a smile tattooed onto his left hand, which he can bring up to his face and cover his mouth with this maniacal grin. There are many interpretations of what this smile means; it represents disguising pain and hurt to some. For others, it is associated with madness or our potential to do something evil. You do not need to get the smile inked on your hand, and it will look good anywhere on the body. That said, choosing somewhere visible is a good decision because you can see it every day and remind yourself of why you got it tattooed.

6. Joker Face Tattoo

For the detail lovers, we have another joker tattoo option – the Joker face tattoo which is represented with the unique scars and makeup he wears, giving him a frightening appearance. When you pick a Joker face tattoo, you are opting for something symbolic and intriguing. It portrays his dark side while additionally showcasing how there needs to be a balance between light and darkness to coexist in life. The joker’s solid determination to win in destroying Batman can convey motivation and endurance. One could get a joker face tattoo for multiple reasons. From being entirely personal to be as simple as admiring the character – a joker tattoo idea is always a great idea. 

7. Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo

In the past years, many actors came and played the character of the Joker, but a true joker fan would always have a sweet spot for Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight. He was the most convincing joker in his 2008 role with the creepy grin and maniacal laugh. The role became more famed and memorable after he passed away just 6 months before the film was released, making it his final and evergreen role. The look of Heath Ledger was exceptional, and though you can go for a black joker tattoo, a colored one might be the best fit here to accurately represent all the minute details and impressions. Choose the placement wisely for this tattoo as this one is quite detailed and needs enough room to look good.

So these are our top picks of joker tattoos ideas for all the fans out there. From the popular Suicide Squad joker tattoos to joker hand tattoos, Harley Quinn and Joker tattoos, or the famed Heath Ledger tattoo – you can never go wrong with any option!