One of the most commonly asked wedding-related questions is “what color should the mother of the bride wear?”. This is because choosing the right color can be scary and stressful, there is just so much to consider; from the time of year to the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Not to even mention what color suits your skin tone and looks good on you. We’re helping you out together with some color scheme tips for 2021 for those of you looking to purchase any mother of the bride dresses. It’s OK to splurge on your outfit and choose something a little on the more expensive side if you wish – don’t let your budget limit your choices. The memories of that day will stay with you forever and so will the outfit you wore on the day, ensure it’s a beautiful choice you won’t regret.


One great option to wear is the same general color as the bridal party but a little shade darker. It won’t seem like you’re trying to match them, but it’s still a perfect way to coordinate and still stand out from the rest of the bridesmaids. For example, if the bridesmaids are rocking a light pastel purple, go for something more violet toned that’s a little darker. You will most likely be the oldest out of the bridal party and wearing the darkest will show this in a perfect yet subtle way. 


Even if the wedding is taking place in summer or spring, as the mother of the bride you have to avoid any bright or bold colors like yellow or bright red. Typically mother of the bride dresses will have a perfect pattern on which mean they’re beautiful and subtle; the block color can sometimes mean you stand out too much. 


For any seasonally themed weddings, choosing a mother of the bride dress that is in the same color palette as the bridesmaid dress is perfect. Take another color from that season and wear that instead, if the bridesmaids are wearing a soft blue, one mom can wear pastel blue and the other can wear pale butter yellow. 


A highly popular color scheme is neutrals, whenever you’re in doubt, always opt for neutrals as they practically go with everything. Don’t choose a color that washes you out, if you’re pale going for a darker neutral shade like gray or brown may be best whereas darker skin tones can go for lighter neutral colors. If you want to spice up your neutral shade mother of the bride dress always remember you can add some classic jewelry and before you know it, you’ll look like a queen. 


Surprisingly, a trendsetting scheme this year (in 2021) is the gold mother of the bride dresses, this may or may not surprise you, but we love it. Typically, the mom has always worn darker or pastel shades rather than something that brings bling to the wedding. We love this idea though, and it’s perfect for any mom who loves to show off her personality.