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Beautiful Forever 100 Piece Combo Collection

Discover a world filled with sparkling, dazzling jewelry. From precious Pearl sets to designer Imitation jewelry- just make a pick and you will get it in Teleone’s exclusive Beautiful Forever 100 Piece Collection. This luxurious collection of contemporary and classic designs is the jewelry that can add sparkle to your life. Find out quality, valuable and outstanding jewelry in this mixed bag of unbelievable jewelry and make your emotions timeless.

Beautiful Forever’s classy and elegant 100 Piece Combo Collectiona is a hundred piece jewelry hamper which consists of pearl necklaces, pendants, earrings, gold plated bangles and jewelry accessories. It is an extensive range of jewelry designs for you to try on any occasion and become the cynosure of all eyes. This classy and elegant hamper presents an extensive range of jewelry designs for you to try on any occasion. The 100 Piece Combo Collection is an assortment of:

• 4 Pieces Mona Lisa Sets
• 10 Pieces Shell Pearl Sets
• 1 Shell Drop Set
• 1 Mangalsutra
• 24 Pieces of Gold Plated Bangles
• 12 Pieces of Meena Bangles
• 12 Assorted Bracelets in diverse designs
• 12 Gold Plated Chains
• 12 Pairs of Exotic Earrings
• 12 Pendants in multiple designs, shapes & sizes

Such a wide range of jewelry can add zing to your quiet and graceful evening celebrations or spruce up any trendy bashes. The assorted pendants, chains and earrings can be pulled together with your regular casual outfits as well. The simplicity of the designs can do full justice to your style and their universality can adapt to suit women of any age group, physical appearance or disposition. The durability and the finish is longer lasting than you can think of and it will keep you glowing for as long as you wish.

Beautiful Forever 100 Piece Collection is especially useful for those who like to play with their jewelry to form combinations and create their individual style. All the 100 pieces of jewelry hamper are uniquely crafted yet every trinket finds a combination in the other, so that you can experiment with them in any way that pleases and suits your occasion and outfit. Even the usual designs are infused with trendy colors so as to make them both conventional and contemporary.

If you love pearl jewelry, then we love decking you with a myriad variety of it. And providing you with the appropriate means is Teleone Beautiful Forever 100 Piece Collection. This classy and elegant hamper offers you a unique design for every special occasion so that you look different whenever you step out in a Beautiful Forever jewel. The fashionable look of each trinket is both endearing and cost effective. When looking for jewelry, what else can one ask for? Only that such a friendly deal is worth more than it is coming in.


100 Piece Jewellery Hamper By Teleone

  Beautiful Forever 100 Piece Combo Collection Discover a world filled with sparkling, dazzling jewelry. From precious Pearl sets to designer Imitation jewelry- just make a...

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