You may take a huge interest in sneakers that will force you to research and collect every type of sneaker you like. You can find all sorts of designs, colourways, and many variations of the same shoe, ensuring that each wearer has a unique pair of sneakers. However, there is one sneaker that every sneaker enthusiast should have; Air Jordans. 

Since the first released Air Jordans were used in late 1984 by NBA basketball player Michael Jordan, many were astonished at how the shoes looked due to their minimalistic design. The Nike Air Jordan I is one of the most renowned Jordan sneakers because of Michael Jordan, famous for being one of the elite basketball players ever to exist. If you need a better perception of the shoe, you should learn about the different amazing facts!

Fact #1. Every shoe design has a specific inspiration

You may imagine that sneaker designers from Air Jordan would only come up with random designs so that they would look aesthetically pleasing. That is not true because each designer always creates every Jordan shoe design from something, most notably the Air Jordan XI inspired by a lawnmower. Other design inspirations include fighter jets, sports cars, and a black mamba. 

Michael Jordan’s history as a basketball player inspired Air Jordan. One sneaker colourway that many people saw for the first time, and still many see today, is the Air Jordan I Chicago. The colours represent the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan’s first NBA team that featured red, black, and white accents. 

Fact #2. Considered the highest-selling shoes

Another amazing fact about Air Jordan sneakers is that they were considered one of the highest-selling shoes globally, and they still hold the world record for having sold one of the most expensive sneakers. The highest selling pair of Air Jordan shoes was a game-worn one and was personally signed by Michael Jordan, bumping its value to $560,000. 

The situation also happened when the documentary series film “The Last Dance” provided the public audience with a perspective into how the legacy of Michael Jordan’s basketball career started and ended. It was also the point wherein they examined the Jordan shoes that were to be sold during the auction, which drove the shoe price to half a million dollars. 

Fact #3. The Air Jordan logo was not present on the first pairs of Air Jordan 

If you are searching for rare Nike Air Jordan shoes, you may need to look for the first Air Jordan I’s ever released to the public because they were the only pair that did not have the Air Jordan logo. Extreme Jordan sneakerheads are always on the watch for that specific Air Jordans because the “Jumpman” logo was never introduced until later. 

The very first edition of the Air Jordan sneakers only had the Nike swoosh logo, while the second one only had standard, plain walls. The first pairs were manufactured in the 1980s, so it might be virtually impossible to find one still in top-quality condition. 

Whether you need the rarest pair or just a simple variation of the Air Jordan sneaker, you can always find them with reliable shoe suppliers. There are many sneaker stores that can provide some of the best Air Jordan shoes for men, women, and children; all you have to do is verify whether the store sells authentic products or not.