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6 Must-Have Bathing Suit Tops For Women

There are many types of swimsuits for women. Some are breathable, fashionable, have quick drying material and more. The swimsuits have two major categories— one piece and two piece swimsuits.

And here are six must-have swim suit tops that you should have:

Bandeau Top

A bandeau top is one of the most liked women’s bikini tops. These tops can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Bandeau top is a form fitting and strapless top that can be given any shape. These tops majorly cover the chest and can even be expanded further. Just like a crop top, these tops can also be used elsewhere. In case you are heading to the market after the beach or vice versa, you can totally trust a bandeau top. It’s quite a multi purpose top for women.

Cutout Top

Next type of women’s bathing suit tops include the cutout tops. As the name suggests these tops have cutouts at places. They are one of the sexiest tops to be worn at the beach. A cutout top stretches across your chest with the cutout section somewhere in the middle. This style looks cute on women having small busts. In case you have heavy busts, you can go for cutout swim tops that have underwiring for better support.

Halter Top 

Halter tops are in trend these days. These tops have ties that extend from front of your chest to the back of your neck. The ties are tied around the neck to support the bust. Halter tops are also considered backless tops as they allow the wearer to show quite a bit of skin at the back. These tops can be worn even with regular jeans. They are perfect tops for the beach that can level up your fashion game.

Longline Top

Longline women’s bathing suit tops are extended tops that extend farther down the torso. Unlike other bikini tops, longline tops have more length. They are basically a middle ground between the one piece and two piece swimsuits. For women who want to try something new, this is the best addition for their beach wardrobe. One can also pair these tops with shorts.

Tankini Top

Tankini is just like a tank top. These tops extend down to your swim bottoms and are great for bulky women. Tankinis are said to offer great coverage while still being categorized as a two piece set. You can buy such tops at the best prices from Vitae Apparel.

Triangle Top

Last but not the least is the triangle top. As the name suggests, these tops are in the shape of a triangle. Many women consider these as the most classy bikini tops as they are stylish, comfortable and promising. A triangle top is made from two triangular pieces of fabric for your chest that are attached with a string tied around the neck. One can unleash the inner fashionista through these tops.

For more such fashionable and trendy beach wear you can subscribe to this page and to buy these amazing pieces, visit Vitae Apparel.


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6 Must-Have Bathing Suit Tops For Women

There are many types of swimsuits for women. Some are breathable, fashionable, have quick drying material and more. The swimsuits have two...

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