Eames chair is one of the most popular and comfortable lounge chairs available in the market. This chair was invented in 1956 by Charles Eames. Since its introduction, it has been known around as a piece of chair that has managed to accommodate a lot of exciting features in a small space. All these features make this chair the most comfortable one in the market. Since this chair is selling for $5000 by Herman Miller Company, not everyone can afford it. This is the reason why several manufacturers have managed to make Eames Chair Replica. 

If you are looking For Eames Chair Replica, it is important that you know about the features of the original chair. 

Features to look for while buying an Eames Chair Replica

Here, we are going to share with you a list of features that you need to look for while shopping for an Eames Chair Replica. 

i) Dimensions 

The original Eames chair has a set dimension. It is a well-known fact that originally in this chair, Charles Eames has managed to package a lot of comforting features in a small space. Many manufacturers have tried their best to replicate the dimensions but most of them have failed. Luckily, there are certain companies like Urban Furnishing, Manhattan home design, and Fplus that have managed to successfully replicate the original dimensions. So, if you are looking to buy the Eames Chair Replica, it is best to choose the one from either one of these manufacturers.

ii) Cost 

Since you are planning to buy an Eames chair replica, it is clear that you have a limited budget to spend. Luckily, there are a variety of Eames chair replicas available in different price ranges. A good Eames chair replica will cost you between $1200 to $1800. Choose wisely. 

iii) The Seating Posture 

Original Eames Chair design is known for its 15-degree tilt on the back. Unlike other recliners, the Eames Chair is not a complete recliner. While buying an Eames Chair Replica, you need to make sure that the chair has that same 15-degree tilt. 

iv) Removable Cushion | Increasing the life of the chair replica

Another very cool feature of the original Eames Chair is the removable cushion. Every good knockoff will have copied this feature. The removable cushion makes it easier for one to clean it properly. This increases the life of the chair. While looking for an Eames chair replica make sure that you check if it comes with a removable cushion. 


These are some features of the original Eames Chair that you need to check if you are looking for a good quality Eames chair replica for yourself. All these features tend to make the replica as close to the original design as possible. There are several different companies that have managed to replicate the original Eames chair design. So, if you are looking for an Eames chair replica, it is best that you choose wisely.