Los Angeles, CA — The weekend box office has seen a dynamic range of performances, with John Krasinski’s family-friendly film IF leading the charge, while Strangers: Chapter 1 shows strong performance and Back to Black struggles.

‘IF’ Soars to $34M+ Opening Weekend

John Krasinski’s IF has captured audiences, grossing over $34 million in its opening weekend. 

Following a $13.6 million Saturday—up 32% from Friday’s $10.3 million including previews—the film has benefited from positive word-of-mouth and an A CinemaScore. 

Though initial projections were set at $40 million, IF has delivered solid results, particularly appealing to a mix of general and family audiences. 

The movie, distributed by Paramount, maintained a broad demographic appeal with significant interest from diverse regions such as South Central, Midwest, and Mountain areas. 

Positive PostTrak scores indicate the film’s longevity in theaters, with 84% of audiences responding positively and 64% recommending it. Despite mixed critical reviews (50% on Rotten Tomatoes), IF has established itself as a family favorite.

‘Strangers: Chapter 1’ Surpasses Expectations with $12M

Lionsgate’s Strangers: Chapter 1 exceeded expectations, grossing nearly $12 million in its debut weekend. After a $3.9 million Saturday—down 23% from Friday—the film has shown that there is significant fan interest. 

The horror film, receiving a C CinemaScore, performed well across diverse demographics, with 69% of its audience between 18-34 years old and strong showings in regions such as East, South, South Central, and West. 

The San Antonio, TX venue Santikos Casa Blanca notably led the nation in ticket sales.

‘Back to Black’ Disappoints with $2.8M Opening

Unfortunately, Focus Features’ Back to Black has struggled to find its audience, opening with a modest $2.8 million. 

Despite a B+ CinemaScore and an 80% Rotten Tomatoes audience score, the film has been unable to overcome negative critical reception and social media backlash. 

The film, a biopic about the late Amy Winehouse, has faced criticism for perceived missteps in casting and timing, affecting its performance stateside. International markets are expected to provide some financial relief.

Additional Box Office Highlights

20th Century Studios/Disney’s Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes continues to perform well in its second weekend, grossing between $23.5M-$25M, bringing its total to approximately $101M.

Universal’s The Fall Guy added $8M in its third weekend, pushing its total to $62.5M.