It’s the era where Smart Homes are the real deal. They automate your home, they are energy efficient, they let you access your home remotely and well, they make for the perfect presents for any occasion. 

With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone rushes out to buy gifts and sometimes hit a stop, not knowing what the best gift might be. Well, look no further! We have listed down some of the best smart home gadgets for you to buy for your tech-savvy friends and family.

1. Smart Thermostats

As the chilly weather settles in, thermostats become the essential devices in every home, so as to set the temperature to a warm and comfortable setting. Well, help your friends and family in being warm and cozy throughout the season without having to lift a finger. A Smart Thermostat is smart for a reason! Just tell your voice assistant or use your smartphone to set the temperature to your liking or create a specific schedule catered to your preference and routine, and rest assured your smart thermostat will do just that. Enjoy the comfort and warmth without having to worry about energy costs and bills as smart thermostats won’t just add to the aesthetics and help automate your system, but help you save energy in the process!

Suggestion: Google Nest Learning Thermostat US $249.00

2. Smart Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke detectors are now a great alternative compared to the traditional variants. Perfect as a gift for a new homeowner especially, to set up a safe system in their house in order to protect them from any mishaps. And what’s more, similar to all smart devices, smoke detectors can be activated and hushed simply by voice commands through compatible voice assistants, and through smartphones where they can also provide alerts directly to the user. Additionally, some of these smart smoke detectors come with built in speakers that announce when there is a potential threat or danger, and help those within the household to safely evacuate in time.

Suggestion: Google Nest Protect – Wired US $119.00

3. Smart Video Doorbells

Investing in devices for the safety of your loved ones particularly as a holiday gift in the true holiday essence at its best. With smart video doorbells, users can feel safe around the clock throughout the year, especially when they are away from home. By providing a live video feed, individuals can be at peace knowing who exactly is at the door!

Suggestion: Google Nest Doorbell – Wired US $149.00

4. Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant is just an alias for what are actually known as Voice Assistants – like the Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, or even Apple’s Siri, with these coming built into smart speakers and smartphones. They can be amazing gifts for your tech-savvy friends and family members. Connecting to almost all smart devices, virtual assistants can act as a communication link between the user and their devices. Simply connect a device and use the voice command feature to control them all. Additionally, they can also double as a speaker, playing soft tunes while you work or act as a home stereo when connected to other smart speakers. All in all, a great device as a gift!

Suggestion: Amazon Echo (4th Gen) US $59.99

5. Smart Bulbs

Looking for smart products to gift your nieces and nephews? Smart bulbs can be a great present for high school students going away for college and living in a dorm. Smart bulbs can help provide the perfect ambiance to set the mood for an all-nighter or just having a comfortable good night’s sleep. With added speaker functionality in some variants, they can even play songs that will help unwind or throw a party! Smart Bulbs are LED which means they can also help avoid the overheating caused by the otherwise traditional fluorescent ones, and they can even change colors! As with every other smart device they can be controlled remotely through a phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so you no longer need to get up to turn the lights off.

Suggestion: Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED multicolor bulb US $ $34.99

6. Smart Clocks

A perfect option for college students and kids. These can be the perfect gift for your kids, or even nieces and nephews who can never get out of bed on time. The way you wake up in the morning is reflective of how your day is going to be, which is why smart clocks provide guided meditations and sunrise wakeups that help users to wake up gently, and in a soothing manner. Kids will generally forget to set their alarms if they’re up for too long which is why with smart clocks, only a voice command is needed to set it! And what’s more? Smart clocks can easily sync with your smartphone’s calendar and set alarms for any upcoming events too.

Suggestion: Hatch Restore US $218.73

7. Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are yet again an essential safety device and perfect for friends or families in general. With holidays and traveling to relatives’ houses, this device can prove to be necessary to watch over their homes, from the inside and out while they’re away. And with motion detection technology that trigger alerts users can receive a live video clip and alerts directly to their smartphone. These devices can prove to be the all-in-one safety measure that one might need.

Suggestion: Google Nest Cam US $149

Hopefully this list simplifies your search of gifting options for the tech loves in your life. So what are you waiting for? Check out the suggestions we’ve added below, and get to tick the names off your gifting list. And on a side note, Happy Holidays folks!