Given your schedule in the office, you might not have enough time to be romantic with your partner. It’s unfortunate since you decided to work to boost your relationship and not the other way around.  

Since you get too tired with work, you arrive home and sleep right away. Your partner might not tell you, but there could be a growing frustration due to the lack of intimacy. 

To solve this issue, you have to start by transforming your home and make it appear more romantic. In doing so, you will be in the mood for a more intimate evening upon arriving home no matter how tired you are. 

Change the sheets in your bedroom 

You can start by changing the sheets. Use silk as the primary fabric since it feels good on the skin. It also keeps you warm which is a good thing. The appearance of the bedroom will also start to change because of the feeling that silk provides. 

Use scented candles 

When you have scented candles at home, you will immediately feel relaxed. As soon as you step into your house, it feels like you’re in a different world. It’s true especially if you usually face pollution when you’re outside. Since you feel relaxed, it’s easier for you to be romantic with your partner. 

Play soft music  

If you can buy an entertainment system for your home, it would be great. Right after you arrive, you can turn it on and play soft music. You can even play romantic music that both you and your partner love to hear. You will then feel reminded about how much you love each other.  

Invest in a bathtub 

You don’t need to travel to distant places if you want to be romantic with your partner. Once the kids are asleep, you can head to your bathroom and dip your body in the tub. If you don’t have one yet, you can invest in a shower pod. It might be expensive, but you won’t mind spending a lot on it. You know that you’re going to make the most of it.  

Leave work-related tasks in the office 

If you want to stay romantic with your partner, you need to make it a habit to leave anything related to work in your office. Once work hours are over, you can’t think of anything that will bother you. The thought of having pending tasks will instantly kill your mood to be romantic with your partner. You can continue working the next day so there’s no need to hurry.  

These changes will most likely spark a romantic atmosphere at home and help rekindle your relationship with your partner. If you want your relationship to last long, you need to actively work on it.  

You can’t let stress at work and other factors prevent you from having a wonderful partnership. You also need to discuss whatever stops you from being sweet to each other.