You have to own many kinds of cooking utensils and equipment if you want your home kitchen to be functional. Different frying pans should get you excellent fried food when you want to fry food. And if you are cooking Asian food that involves stir-frying most of the time, it would be best to use a wok for that cooking method. 

But if you are new to the cooking scene, it would be best to learn things about a saucepan. Remember that every cooking utensil and equipment is vital to help you cook any type of food easily, and learning about saucepans is also critical. You can check out some of the details below about saucepans that may help widen your cooking knowledge. 

The Saucepan’s Shape and Size

All of the saucepans you find online or in stores will always have straight edges and high sides, and it has a deep height. It also comes with a handle that lets you grab onto it when stirring the sauce and a lid to close and let the sauce simmer for a period. Lastly, the pan’s surface area is normally small concerning its height to allow heat to be distributed through the liquid effectively.

Saucepans are generally used on a stovetop to adjust where the flame will hit a specific surface using the handle. It also comes in many sizes, ensuring that it will meet your needs when cooking sauce. Keep in mind that the saucepan’s height is one of its key selling points because it lets you store a large volume of liquid contained in a little area. 

Also, the saucepan’s height stops the liquid from spilling over other types of pans with a low height. You have to know that boiling water in a large frying pan or skillet is dangerous as the scalding water can spill, and that is why a saucepan is the best cooking equipment when cooking anything liquid. 

Different Ways to Use Saucepans

As mentioned a while ago, the main job of saucepans is to cook anything that is mostly liquid. You can use it for simmering, stewing, cooking soups, and even cooking your favourite pasta sauces. And since they fall under the 2-3 quart range, you can only use them for cooking small portions of liquid like a stew or soup. That is why stockpots exist to cook large volumes of liquid. 

Choose the Right Saucepans

If you plan to purchase saucepans, you have to keep in mind several things to help you purchase one perfect for your needs. The first thing to remember is to buy one that can handle a ton of heat stress. You will most likely be cooking acidic liquids in saucepans, so choosing ones with nonreactive materials is ideal. 

The second factor to consider is to look for saucepans that are safe to use in dishwashers. Note that some will damage faster when you place them in a dishwasher. Dishwasher-safe saucepans are also vital for people that do not have time to clean them in one go. 

Since you now have an idea about saucepans in general, you should be able to cook all sorts of sauces and liquids for yourself or your friends and families. You should also purchase them from trusted sellers to get your money’s worth.