Shipping boxes are an important part of any business, but they aren’t just for packing items to be shipped. They can also be an extension of your brand. 

Especially in the digital age, these boxes should stand out from the crowd. Keeping your boxes custom-printed is a great way to get creative and create a memorable packaging design.

When it comes to shipping products and materials, custom-printed boxes are an essential part of the process. These boxes help to keep items safe during transit, preventing damage from water, impact, and other environmental factors. 

In addition, they add an element of professionalism and branding to any shipment. Whether you’re sending out your own products or handling a client’s order, custom boxes provide an extra level of protection and a level of style that mass-produced boxes simply can’t match. 

Ultimately, the importance of custom-printed shipping boxes for business is undeniable; with the right packaging solutions in place, your company can successfully compete in any market.

  1. Custom printed boxes

Custom shipping boxes have several advantages. First of all, custom printing is cost-effective. You can choose from a variety of printing methods, including offset printing and digital printing. 

Both methods produce quality custom-printed boxes, and offset printing requires less ink than digital printing. Additionally, digital printing is affordable and gives great results. 

Below are a few reasons why you should consider getting custom shipping boxes for your business. We hope these tips will be helpful in your decision-making process.

Your box can serve as a first impression of your business, so make sure to make it memorable. Many companies make their boxes stand out by using unique designs and color schemes. This can reinforce your brand image, and encourage repeat business.

  1. Environmentally-friendly packaging

Using environmentally-friendly shipping boxes is a great way to save money and improve customer satisfaction. Many consumers are turning toward sustainable products and brands. 

Companies have committed to using 100 percent sustainable materials by 2025. Companies are also being called upon to design and implement certifications to prove they are environmentally friendly. 

Using environmentally-friendly packaging also helps your company save money on transportation.

Aside from helping the environment, using environmentally-friendly shipping boxes is a great way to attract new customers. 

Moreover, these boxes also increase your brand image. People will buy your products more often if they know that you take care of the environment.

  1. Product protection

Shipping boxes play an important role in the protection of your business’s products. They not only prevent your goods from damage during shipping but also enhance your business’s reputation and increase its profits. 

If your products are shipped in proper packaging, customers will see your care for your products, and be more likely to become loyal to your brand and re-purchase your products.

Choosing the right shipping box size is essential for ensuring the safety of your products. Incorrectly sized boxes will lead to excessive void space, increasing the risk of movement and damage. Using the correct size of the box can also help you reduce shipping costs.

  1. Cost

The cost of shipping boxes for business depends on many factors, including the size and type of box. A large box, for example, can cost up to $40 for a pack of ten. 

These boxes can handle large, heavy items, like artwork, mirrors, or stacks of books. On the other hand, a small box can cost as little as $2 and is perfect for storing small items like files. 

Both types of boxes are environmentally conscious and help reduce the carbon footprint.

The price of shipping boxes depends on the type of shipment and can be estimated on a website. For instance, if you need to ship across state lines, the most economical way to ship your box is by USPS. 

You can also get an online quote from moving container companies. These services typically offer free pickup and basic insurance.