For someone who has not yet seen the Series, Star Wars is a mere sci-fi trilogy. But for a true Star Wars fan, it is not the same. 

With the intriguing action, shared childhood memories, and the mindblowing integration of scientific ideas, it holds an indefinable value. 

If you ask a true Star Wars fan to imagine the characters without their lightsabers, it will be difficult. The lightsabers are elegant, resembling the incredible power of the knights. 

We have wanted to travel to the fictional universe and become one of the knights fighting for our values. 

It is not practical to do so, but it is practical to add a Star Wars orange lightsaber to the real world of ours. 

With this, let us explore a bit more about orange lightsabers! 

What Does Star Wars Orange Lightsaber Symbolise?

Unlike red, blue, or green lightsabers, an orange plasma blade does not represent one side of the forces. The blade reflects negotiation, and both sides of power can use an orange saber.

The color is associated with determination and bravery, symbolizing resilience and courage. For instance, you will see both Sith and Jedi knights using this saber. Let us now see which characters used this blade in the fictional storyline!

Characters From Star Wars With Orange Lightsabers

Orange color is one of the rarest lightsabers you will see in Star Wars. 

The Jedi Clans (Gray Jedi) are often featured with an orange lightsaber. The orange color is also associated with negotiation. The characters having ownership of this saber are negotiators in the fantasy world.  

Here are a few characters who owned this unique saber. 

  • Cal Kestis
  • Yaddle
  • Tulak Hord
  • Polvin Kut
  • Kyle Katarn
  • Jaska
  • Zayne Carrick
  • Soon Bayts
  • Dorjander Kace
  • Lar Le’Ung
  • Torhaa Phaa
  • Yoshi Raph-Elan

Significance of Orange Lightsaber In Jedi Order

Both Sith and Jedi knights use orange lightsabers, but the Grey Jedis (the force sensitives) are often seen holding an orange lightsaber. The Grey Jedi knights have an understanding of both evil and light sides. 

Because the knights using an orange lightsaber incline both the light and evil sides of the force, the path followed by them is considered neutral. 

Why Buy A Star Wars Orange Lightsaber?

A lot of people consider buying lightsabers as a waste of money. But as a Star Wars fan, your opinions will vary. Here is why you should purchase a saber for

Gift It To a Fantasy World Fan

Choosing the right gift can be a little challenging. You never know if the person receiving the gift likes it or not. If you give plasma blade replicas, you will not have to worry about the gift being disliked. For a true fan, there can be no gift as perfect as a lightsaber. 

Complete Your Collection

If you already have a collection of sabers, why miss one that speaks of wisdom and knowledge? Your blade collection must include sabers that are not just the standard colors but also the rarest ones. The best thing for a saber fan is to show the collection he loves. 

Feel More Like Your Favorite Character

Even if you own different sabers, nothing can match getting a replica from your favorite character. If you loved characters like Cal Kestis or Yaddle, adding their blade replicas would be fun. 

Add Perfection to Your Cosplay Outfit 

You don’t necessarily need to be a Star Wars fan to buy an orange lightsaber in Jedi order. If you must dress up in a cosplay outfit, the sabers help complete your overall look.

Use Them As Display Pieces

If you want to stand out, stop choosing the typical home decor items. Share your inclination for the fantasy world by opting for the bold choice of plasma blades as a home decor theme. 

Include Them In Your Fights

The lightsabers have become so popular nowadays. One such field where you will notice the use of lightsabers is martial arts. Apart from martial arts, you can participate in events organized by fan clubs with your Star Wars Orange Lightsaber. If you are a cosplay fan, consider buying the orange saber as your accessory. 


The Star Wars Orange Lightsaber, representing values like determination and bravery, is the perfect choice of lightsaber if you are fascinated by the Gray Jedi knights. 

Complete your collectibles, use them for display, or gift them to a Star Wars fan; the list of how to use a lightsaber is endless.