Many applicants apply for the US green card every year, but visa backlogs often don’t let their dreams turn into reality. While most categories have a waiting time of 10 years and more, the EB-5 visa is becoming a popular choice to get your US citizenship through investment as soon as possible. In this blog, we will discuss the basic requirements while applying for an EB-5 visa.

The criteria for an EB-5 visa is as follows-

1. The applicant needs to invest up to $1,800,000 (or $900,000) in a business. The lower amount gets invested in the Target Employment Area. For this, the business should be set up in a rural area with a high unemployment rate.

2. The investment of your business should create up to 10 jobs for US citizens. These positions need to be full-time, and part-time jobs do not fulfill the criteria for the jobs created for the visa. These jobs should be created within 2 years since the applicant has gained their conditional visa.

3. The investor should prove that they have given rise to these 10 or more jobs directly or indirectly. Direct jobs get created when the applicant has invested in the commercial enterprise directly. However, if the applicant is working with a regional center, in that case, they will have to prove that the jobs were created indirectly through the business that supplies goods or services to the American citizens and elevates the American economy.

4. There are several projects where the investor can invest.These include commercial enterprises or a regional center. You can also choose to invest in a failing business, provided that the business had incurred a loss of 20% or more in the past 2 years before you filed the petition. Irrespective of the project you choose to invest in, it is necessary to fulfill the criteria laid by authorities to claim your EB-5 visa.

Right from filing the application to getting your US citizenship, the process involves various steps. Due to the critical documentation approval and various examination, often the applicants end up making a mistake which can put them a month behind in the visa waiting line and delay their approval.

To avoid such situations, it’s advised to hire a seasoned immigration attorney to guide you through the process until you get your EB-5 visa. Here are some qualities that will help you determine the right immigration lawyer-

1. Ensure that your immigration lawyer is an expert who understands the EB-5 process thoroughly, including the complexities of the program.

2. They keep you updated with the current application status and evaluate the application to ensure that no mistakes are being made.

3. They carry a reputation among high corporate clients.
They must be familiar with business loans, the naturalization process, and security money deposits.

4. They understand the client’s requirements and travel across the globe to connect with the applicants and EB-5 industry agents.

5. They are highly influential in the EB-5 industry and deliver lectures in various countries and often update the guidelines.

So, there you have it. Now that you know the process of the EB-5 visa, we hope you can take your decision correctly. Start your EB-5 visa journey now.