If we talk about today, outdoor landscape trends are all about extending comfort. You feel relaxed in your backyard while staying in. 

Including rectangle inground pools, an outdoor dining space, and a playground enhance your daytime fun. Your family feels engaged. 

You can extend your daytime fun with an evening of relaxation. 

Think about adding blankets, a firepit, and dimmed lighting. 

Finally, when you add pool lighting and a heating pump, it allows you to take complete advantage of your pool. 

Even if the evenings are cooler, you can have your me time. 

Creating an interesting ambiance can enhance your landscape if you are not fond of late-night swims. 

You should focus on low-maintenance and practical landscaping.

Your pool looks even cooler when you add greenery around the pool with minimal effort. You need to know that these things will make a mess, including – 

  • Regularly watering a flowerbed, 
  • maintaining cedar hedges or
  • running a lawnmower for trimming grass. 

The entire mess will fall into your pool, creating more work. 

The goal is to make the most of your summers. So, it would help if you could limit some time spent on maintenance and optimizing your yard. 

  1. Use planters suspended from your pool house to store your accessories and equipment.
  2. If you are not sure, you can choose potted plants. The designs, texture, and colors will undoubtedly add an elegant touch to your backyard. 
  3. When you add a flowerbed or shrubs, maintain a distance of about 1 meter. Otherwise, there will be limited space to work efficiently and safely. 
  4. You can even define your backyard with the use of – 
  • Tropical plants that add a vacation feel
  • Seasonal flowers and plants that adds up different varieties. 
  • Perennial flowering plants when you don’t want any change.

Add a waterfall for a more enhanced look.

Waterfalls can be a great addition if you want to go with nature-inspired trends or enjoy listening to the running water. 

It can complement the landscape design around your inground pool. These features need very little maintenance, but they add character to your backyard landscaping. 

You can even ask your landscaper to integrate a waterfall with the use of concrete retaining walls. 

Inground pool fencing – a decorative and functional element.

There is a wider range of fencing options available. Every option is a great addition to a stylish touch to the entire project. If you are after low maintenance, you can go with the aluminum or steel fence. 

When you choose a traditional wooden fence, it needs more maintenance. But you get the needed warmth and privacy. 

You can choose a stylish fence that looks good with its tempered glass railings. Further, there are different options – 

  • Aluminium
  • Frost
  • Glass with aluminum railings. 

You can even ask the experts for suitable alternatives for low walls or columns in addition to the fence installation. 

There are different advantages to installing an inground fiberglass pool. Here are some advantages to consider – 

  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick installation
  • Different colors 
  • Lower heating costs 
  • Steps and benches
  • Solidity, strength, and resistance. 


The choice of landscaping is a big decision in terms of planning and investment. 

You need to know what your space will look like. The type of design you choose should be practical, functional, and trendy.