If you’re looking for beautiful and meaningful pregnancy photoshoot poses, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered maternity photoshoot ideas for different kinds that are suitable for the mom-to-be, the couple, and the whole family. 

We’ve also provided inspiration and tips for taking beautiful photos of pregnant women, which can help both photographers and models. 

Maternity photography is truly special, so let’s celebrate it with some amazing poses that highlight the wonder of expecting a child. 

You’ll discover both single poses for the expecting mother and couple poses to capture the journey together. 

Remember, maternity photoshoot ideas isn’t just about the poses but also the emotion behind each shot. 

Hold the belly–frontal

A classic pose in pregnancy photography is to face the camera and gently cradle your belly, symbolizing protection and care.

Hold the belly – 45 degrees

This pose is a variation of the first one, but you should face the camera at a 45-degree angle. This will help show off your baby bump more prominently.

Hold the belly-lateral

Silhouette maternity photos are the perfect way to capture the growing baby bump. They are ideal for showcasing the mom-to-be’s belly and make a great choice for a pregnancy photo shoot. If you want to document the growth of your belly week by week, silhouette maternity photos are an excellent option. They can help you track the progress of your pregnancy and create a beautiful memento of this special time in your life.

Showing the sonogram

A lovely way to add a personal touch to your pregnancy photos is to hold up the sonogram in front of your belly to include the baby’s first picture in the maternity photoshoot.

Milk bath

A milk bath is a beautiful and unique option for a maternity photoshoot. Not only does it create visually stunning images, but it is also great for your skin. For the best results, it’s recommended to approach a professional photographer.

Holding something of the baby

Enhance your pregnancy photo shoot by incorporating baby items. Hold some baby shoes or plush toys next to your pregnant belly.


If you’re looking for maternity photoshoot ideas that incorporate nature, try taking advantage of natural light. Outdoor maternity photo shoots that use sunlight can produce some of the most beautiful and memorable shots. It’s important to remember that getting enough sunlight is crucial for the health and development of the baby. 

Legs crossed

A great pose for maternity shoots that works well for females is to sit down with their legs crossed. This pose creates a visual base that supports the baby bump beautifully. This is a good option to try if you want a more relaxed and casual look for your maternity shoot.

Leaning on a wall

A great addition to your maternity photoshoot poses is leaning against a wall. Choose a wall with pleasing color and texture to complement the photo.

Looking at the belly

A popular pose in maternity photography is to look down at the belly while sitting, standing, or lying down. For more flattering portraits, check out our sitting pose guide.

Looking at the belly

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Pregnancy yoga

If you’re searching for unique maternity photoshoot ideas for your maternity photo shoot, why not consider incorporating a yoga session? This way, you can proudly showcase your beautiful pregnant body. And if you prefer a more dynamic photoshoot to capture your pregnancy, this idea could be perfect for you.

Half-lying on the side

During a maternity photography session, there are certain poses that work well. Contrary to popular belief, not all maternity poses are drastically different from other portrait photoshoots. You can sit on the floor sideways and be supported by your arm. You can then use your other hand to touch your adorable baby bump. This pose is simple, yet elegant, and can be used to capture beautiful moments during your pregnancy.


Have you ever considered an underwater maternity photography session? An underwater shot can be ethereal and captivating, making it a unique and memorable way to capture this magical time in your life. Water is a natural environment that some women even choose for giving birth, so why not use it as a backdrop for your maternity photos? With an underwater maternity photo, you’ll have a stunning and one-of-a-kind keepsake to cherish forever.

In the tub

If you are not comfortable with an underwater shoot, you can still create beautiful images in the bathtub. These maternity photos are far from conventional.


If you want to capture beautiful maternity photos while enjoying the great outdoors, consider an outdoor maternity photo shoot. Walking during the golden hour will provide you with stunning natural light to enhance your photos. This easy baby bump photo shoot pose is a great option if you want to incorporate nature into your photoshoot without going overboard.

Lying on your back

One unique pose for a maternity photo shoot is to have the mom lie on her back, which emphasizes the bump in a special way.

I hope that the maternity photography posing guide proved to be useful to you, and that you were able to gather some maternity photoshoot ideas. Please take a moment to share with us in the comments which of the poses is your favorite, and if you have any other ideas that aren’t on the list, we would love to hear them.