Patient transfer lifts have become a very common transfer aid for caregivers who are taking care of patients who are facing any kind of mobility disorder. Unlike the times before, the caregivers have many helpful devices & equipment that help them take care of their patients easily and more efficiently. Patient transfer lift is one such device. 

Before we get to the part where we guide you to select the right patient transfer lift, let’s understand what patient transfer lift does and why you should invest in one. 

What is a patient transfer lift? 

As the name suggests, a patient transfer lift is a device that is designed to help caregivers move their patients. These equipment and devices assist a patient who cannot move and depend on others for getting to one place from the other. There are two types of patient transfer lifts – manual and powered. Where manual patient lifts are designed to operate on gas or hydraulic power, there, the electric patient lifts use either battery or electricity to function. 

Depending on several factors, you can decide which lift is best for you. 

Factors to consider while choosing the right patient transfer lift:

i) Weight of the patient – The first thing to consider while choosing the patient transfer list is to consider the weight of the patient you need to lift. In simple words, for the patient who is lighter in weight, choosing any one of the manual and powered lifts is great whereas for the patients who are heavy, getting a powered patient transfer lift is the best option for you. 

ii) Portability – The next thing for you to consider while choosing the patient lift is to check its portability. There are several different varieties of portable patient transfer lift that are easier to fold, carry, and move. So, when shopping for a patient lift, you should always choose the one that is portable. 

iii) Patient lift size – The next thing you should focus on while buying a patient transfer lift is to choose the right size and style of the lift. So, make sure that you take accurate measurements of the area you intend the lift to be installed in before hitting the store. Make sure that you know the exact travel areas in between the rooms before you start looking for the patient transfer lift. For example for the smaller spaces, the ceiling lifts are the best option. So, choose wisely and be aware of what you need to invest in. 

Final Words 

In the end, we will just say that you should consider each one of the points we have mentioned above. Since there are so many options for you to choose from, you need to be aware of what you need. The needs of every patient are different, depending on which you will be able to shortlist your options. We really like the collection of patient transfer lifts at EZ Access. So, check the options.