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How Does Intranet Integration Help Employee Engagement?

The productivity of your organization lies indisputably with your co-workers. Or you can say their commitment towards your business. So, it is important to keep your employees motivated and enhance employee engagement to reach your business goals.

However, with employees working from home, employee engagement can shrink automatically. It becomes difficult for organizations to persuade their employees to move in the same direction and create commitment and consensus. Here is where the employee intranet comes into play.

What is an employee intranet?

An employee intranet is a private network where all the employees are on board and stay connected to each other. It can be considered as internal communication software that can only be accessed by the employees of an organization to communicate, share feedback, find all crucial information, etc. 

If you are looking forward to integrating the intranet into your organization, it can turn out to be the best decision you can make for your company. However, before you go ahead, you need to know how employee intranet can enhance employee engagement. In this guide, we will discuss the same.

How does intranet integration improve employee engagement?

Intranet helps employees connect with each other: Working remotely and in a team can sometimes demotivate employees and lower employee engagement. But when you implement an intranet or an enterprise collaboration system, the employees can connect with each other regardless of their location. Not only will this improve their morale but also enable all the team members to stay up-to-date with each other.

Intranet helps recognize and reward people: When your employees are not connected, they won’t bother if someone gets recognition for their work. As a result, it won’t drive your employees to work for your organization with focus and motivation. However, you can reward and recognize your employees for their work via an intranet. Not only will this enhance employee engagement, but other employees will also put efforts to earn rewards, which will further help improve your business productivity.

Intranet can promote your company culture: No matter how many employees of your organization are working from home, they must feel like a part of your company and be aware of the company culture. However, teams in multiple time zones and countries may not connect with each other efficiently. So, a social intranet software gives employees a connection to your corporate culture. You can use an intranet to share your achievement via a newsfeed. This will make employees feel like they are a crucial part of a team and organization and drive employee engagement.

Intranets offer training and workshop sessions: Performing repetitive tasks can lead to boredom, leading to employees making errors and mistakes. But you can use the employee intranet to provide work-related training and workshops for your employees to develop their skills. You can also organize some out-of-work social activities, including yoga, meditation, dance workshops. Not only will this create a fun environment in your workplace but also enhance employee engagement.

Intranet makes onboarding easier: New employees must know about the company policies and processes to get accustomed to the new environment. So, you can use the intranet and collaboration solutions to share your company’s crucial information during the onboarding process. Not only this will reduce the burden of HR managers but also help new employees get connected to their team members.

The Bottom Line

Communication is the key to employee retention and employee engagement. So, you must provide your employees with a platform where they can stay connected with their colleagues easily. And nothing can be better than the employee intranet.

Now that you know how intranet helps employee engagement, what are you waiting for? Choose an intranet service provider to integrate the intranet into your organization.

All the Best!


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