Wondering where to find a tattoo that perfectly tells how big of a fan you are of all those screams and scars? This blog has the best round-up of horror tattoo ideas for fans who are addicted to horror movies and even shows. So what are you waiting for? Check out our scary movie tattoos for all blood-splatter, the jump-scarin’, “b*tch, get out the house!” adrenaline that follows them!

There’s no doubt the horror genre has been leading and doing better than before. The beginning was somewhat with the earliest gothic novels and finally reached its zenith through Hollywood cinema.

Since horror movies and shows are a combination of a rite of passage and an age-old way to exorcise our own demons; in the arena of terror, our problems seem minuscule.

So when you are heading out for some jaw-dropping and simple to scary movie tattoos, this is your go-to place. There may be no shortage of possible tattoos within the horror genre, but more than a few certainly stand out.

Ranging from the painful leer of Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein to the spooky grin of Hellraiser’s Pinhead, our tattoo collection is apt for portraying your most loved horror movie antiheroes. Freddy Krueger’s signature red and green striped sweater is surely one hell of a horror movie tattoo to try or you can go with the demonic Chucky doll. For a bit adventurous one, the ghoulish mask inspired by the Scream movie can convey the giddy terror we want to feel upon revisiting the icons of our nightmares. Horror movies are a great way to tear our worst fears and amplify the unimaginable. That’s why getting a tattoo of such proportions would work as a sort of totem against all things that go bump in the night.

And as far as horror genre fans are considered, they are creative and passionate about the storyline and characters. So your horror-themed tattoos should reflect the same about you. The good news? You have ‘n’ number of options when it comes to horror films with popular characters, dialogues, and scenes to choose from. So you have plenty of super awesome horror-inspired scary movie tattoos by your side.

From fans of atmospheric silent films, international films, mind thrillers, the wickedly ridiculous, or a nice old-fashioned gore fest, we have something for everyone. Even for the horror-driven outside and romantic at heart, we’ve got a suggestion! These horror themed tattoos will portray more than just great taste in such films.

List of 10 Best Horror Movie-Inspired Tattoos To Try

1. An Amazing Classic Horror Sleeve

2. The Monster Mash

3. 1-2, Freddy’s Coming’ for You

4. Free from the Misery

5. Eat Your Heart Out

6. We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

7. Have The Lambs Stopped Screaming?

8. Demons to Some, Angels to Others

9. Return of the Shape

10. Love Kills

No matter if you are a horror lover or simply admire creative and bold tattoos, our roundup of scary and simple horror tattoos has everything to meet your unique needs. You can choose from Oscar winners and timeless classic horror movies to steamy horror loaded with love and twists – whatever you pick will end up in a one-of-a-kind incredible tattoo that you can’t help but show off to the world. You can also commemorate any of your favorite horror movie villains, characters, directors, titles, lyrics, dialogues, moments, or writers in ink of your choice. Check out the above classic horror tattoo ideas for some of the most popular and loved tattoos on the Internet.

Furthermore, science has backed the fact that watching or being interested in horror movies can calm your mind and relax those who are prone to specific mental stresses. So getting a simple horror movie tattoo horror might help you relieve the burden of what lies just around the corner. And there’s always something to learn even from the horror movies – you can’t be prepared 24×7  for what comes in the very next moment, but horror movie characters teach us to be prepared for the worst, and that too with a combination of courage, wit, and bold stamina.

Although the horror movie scary tattoo you get might not look like a stake in the heart of the vampire, that still works in your favor. Given that no one would want to mess up with or dare to trouble the person who carries the emblem of the monster like a trophy!