Some people believe that purchasing a gift card is less personal and dedicated than selecting the ideal tangible present for someone. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

A gift card is one of the most considerate and personal gifts you can give; it expresses your appreciation for someone and your desire to give them something. Something they’ll enjoy, something they can utilise, and something that allows them to make their own decisions. Is it quicker to buy a gift card than it is to spend hours in a shopping mall attempting to find something? 

Whether you’re shopping for your partner, mom, grandma, aunt, sister, or best friend, women can be notoriously tough to shop for. Gift vouchers for women help them to buy something more appropriate to their tastes.

But why put them through that kind of stress when you can just give them a Ultimate Gift Guide voucher and they can go out with a smile on their face knowing that they can get exactly what they want from their favourite brand? 

Is a Gift card better than a regular present?

Absolutely. Is a gift card, on the other hand, any less of a present? Certainly not.

According to a Swagbucks survey, 76 percent of gift card recipients believe that such a gift is not impersonal because the giver still needs to know what the recipient likes to spend money on, where they like to shop, and where they prefer to dine.

More crucially, a gift card can be used to provide something you couldn’t otherwise give: an unforgettable event or a nice dinner out — something they wouldn’t ordinarily do or spend money on. Clothing and accessories are always at the top of the list of underwhelming presents. This is due to the fact that taste and style are so subjective that even if you think you know what someone loves, you almost certainly don’t. Worse, they now have to wear it whenever they come across you! Allow them to select something they truly enjoy, eliminating any awkward unwrapping situations.

Wouldn’t you rather have one fantastic gift than ten mediocre ones? It’s possible that what your loved one truly desires is a fantasy item that neither of you can purchase on your own. A gift card allows you to contribute to the purchase of the perfect present while staying within your budget.

Purchasing items that aren’t desired is not only inconvenient, but it is also a waste of money, time, and resources. A gift card removes the risk of a disappointing present by giving the gift of choice, allowing your loved one to select what they truly require. A gift voucher for women, in particular, can save a lot of trouble in the future.


Giving gift cards has a number of advantages, not the least of which is avoiding receiving an undesirable present. Anyone who has ever given someone a gift they already have or had one of their gifts ‘regifted’ knows how important this is. Not to mention the resources and money wasted on products that are thrown or collect dust in the back of a cupboard.

Instead, a gift card allows the recipient to think about what they truly want to spend the money on (and who doesn’t like getting free money? and then enjoy getting your gift all over again once they’ve made their selection.

Gift cards are unique and considerate gifts that benefit both the person who buys the card and the person who receives it. People understand the value of a gift card and like the opportunity to choose exactly what they want to spend it on.