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Choosing The Right Veterinary Imaging Clinic For Your Pet

If you are a pet parent, your visits to veterinary clinics are more frequent. It can be a regular health check-up or something you suspect is wrong with your pet’s health. 

Choosing the right veterinary clinic will be crucial for every vet visit. Depending on where you live, the expertise, and the reason for your visit to a clinic, you must choose the right vet clinic. 

It may take time and effort to find the right veterinary imaging clinic. But what makes finding the best option for you way easier? 

It is the following guide, including all the key factors that will help you choose the right vet clinic for veterinary imaging in Maryland!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Clinic For Your Pet

Here are the important factors you must include in your checklist. 

Credentials, Certifications, and Awards

The most crucial factor you must consider is checking if the clinic you trust for your pet has expertise and knowledge or not. For this, you can rely on certificates, awards, and recognition from reputed organizations. 

Services Offered By The Clinic 

Look for what services the clinic provides and if they are concerned with the health conditions of your pet. It will include the check-up procedure, diagnostic facilities, treatments available, dental care, and post-operative care. 


Communication is another crucial aspect. The doctor and staff should be able to convey concerns impacting your pet’s health. 


The clinic you choose for your pet must be easily accessible. For example, if you live in Maryland, look for a clinic for veterinary imaging in Maryland!

With accessibility, the benefit of opting for a nearby clinic is lessened transportation discomfort for your pet. If the clinic is near your home, immediate emergency care is a life-savior for your pet. 


Undoubtedly, vet visits and treatments are expensive. However, the cost can vary with different clinics. Before you book an appointment, thoroughly research all the options available and find the one that fits your budget. Note that you must maintain the quality of treatment and care rather than saving a few pennies. 

Discounts & Schemes

Many clinics offer discounts and offers on certain occasions like first visit, booking, etc. Sign-up schemes are offered by different clinics where you get discounts or offers if you are a subscribed member. 

Reviews and Testimonials

Client reviews and testimonials will help you develop confidence and trust in your chosen services. With the reviews posted by other pet parents, you can see if the services and environment are ideal for your pet. 

Questions To Ask

  • How does the clinic handle medical emergencies?

Ask about the arrangements provided by the clinic during emergencies. In addition, ask how the clinic can be contacted if your pet has a medical emergency. 

  • What are the facilities available in the clinic?

Ask about all the facilities and equipment the clinic uses. For instance, if your concern is neurological conditions, the clinic must support the required veterinary imaging. 

  • How efficient is post-operative care?

Ask how the staff monitors the vitals of a patient when your pet is anesthetized or under post-operative care.

  • Does the clinic include dental care as well?

Ask the dental care services for you during post-operative visits. 

Tips To Know If Veterinary Imaging in Maryland Is Good For Your Pet

Before you select a  clinic for your pet, you must visit the place. Your visit will also help in deciding whether the clinic justifies the services or not.

Here are a few signs that will help you know if the clinic is pet-friendly or not:

The Behaviour and Knowledge Of Staff

The staff will handle your already sick pet, so it is necessary to see that the staff is supportive, patient, and empathetic. In addition, the staff (including the receptionist) must be aware of basic information about handling the cat in the clinic. 

Waiting Area

The reputed clinics always have a different waiting room area for cats and dogs. The sight and sound of different animals visiting the clinic might make your pet vulnerable, insecure, or aggressive. 

Use of Pheromones

If your pet visits a clinic, you know it is in discomfort and pain. Many clinics use pheromones that help ease pets’ discomfort and reduce anxiety. 

Handling Of Your Pets

When you visit a clinic, closely monitor how the staff handles your pet. It will include the veterinarian performing the routine check-up and the staff carrying the pet. The staff must handle your pet gently and confidently, ensuring the treatment is comfortable for your furry baby. 


The last thing you want to deal with is your pet getting an infection from the clinic premises. The waiting room and clinic rooms must be clean and sanitized. The staff must wear clean uniforms and use sterilized equipment. 


Nothing is more important than the health of your pet; that makes choosing the clinic a crucial decision. 

Most pet parents often need help finding a veterinary imaging clinic. To start the tiresome process of selecting the right clinic, start with factors like services, awards, location, cost, and reviews. 


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