It goes without saying that chronic back pain is an impairing medical issue, affecting several aspects of life. If you have been suffering in this area, the desperation for relief can increase day by day. In addition, chances are that acute pain can sometimes lead to a surgical procedure. For instance, car accident lawyers in Boston and the rest of the US have shared that medical surgeries like removal of a spinal disc, spinal fusion, and spinal decompression to restore functioning and alleviate pain can be a great headache. 

Simultaneously, back surgery holds a great rate of failure. Depending on different procedures, more than 30-40% of cases bring on a severe condition, known as failed back surgery syndrome. Keep on reading to know more. 

Patients who experience this syndrome go through a recurrence of acute back pain, leading them to major surgery. In addition to the poor outcomes, the patient may also experience nerve pain, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling sensations, paralysis, immobility, pain, weakness in both legs, and pain radiating to other parts of the body. 

Whereas for many, these symptoms can be treated with physiotherapy and medications, in extreme cases, the only effective solution would be additional surgical procedures on the back. Sadly, there might be very few chances of success in the wake of operations. Subsequent back surgeries are only successful in half of the cases, with the possibility of a positive outcome reducing greatly with each medical procedure. 

Is There Any Compensation For Failed Back Surgical Procedure? 

The majority of the personal injury lawyers in Boston will agree on this. If you face a situation where your back surgery failed, then you should take legal action. In that case, you have the right to apply for a viable claim. Now, this is only possible in two different situations. The first would be if your surgeon was negligent in prescribing back surgery. 

The second would be if any surgical errors led to complications in the surgery. For example, potential errors related to back pain surgery could be operating on the wrong vertebra, inadequate supervision of complications/infections, poor installation of rods or screws, failing to share the possible risks, anesthesia errors, or not giving complete after surgery instructions. 

We have to mention that claims related to medical negligence are complicated. Therefore, we recommend you work with an experienced Boston car accident attorney who can review the details of the case and advise you on suitable legal solutions.


If you have ever been in a similar situation, and you think that your surgeon has also been negligible somewhere, feel free to speak to a legitimate attorney. After all, all surgeries carry some degree of risk. We all expect our surgeons to operate in the safest and most precise manner, ensuring appropriate aftercare and recovery. Medical negligence is a specialized aspect of law with several complexities. Before you go down the road of filing a complaint or a lawsuit, get advice from a reputable lawyer who can calculate the losses and damages while helping you recover quickly.