Content is the king of digital marketing. Digital marketing is useless without content. Content has multiple categories such as text-based, image-based, video content and podcast. Digital marketing companies use each form of content for promotional purposes. 

This article talks about the podcast or audio content and seven effective ways to promote your podcast online.

What is a podcast, and how does it work?

Podcasts are the series of a program available online. The podcast is the audio content format. It is usually an original audio or video recording. But podcasts can be live streaming of television or radio programs, singing performances or educational lectures.

Podcasts provide each episode in the same file format. It can be audio or video, or both. Subscribers listen and enjoy the program.

If you are a good listener, then a podcast is the best approach to enjoy great content. Many people do not like reading, or some individuals can’t watch videos for a long time because of headache and nausea issues. For these personalities, the podcast is the best option to enjoy the content. A podcast could be relaxing yet motivating. You can listen to it at bedtime or leisure time because it does not interrupt your sleep

You may be passionate about making audio content, but the question is that how to promote your podcast and how to find micro influencers. We will share seven effective methods to share your podcast.

Seven effective strategies to promote your podcast online

1. Launch your podcast with multiple-episode

Launch your podcast correctly with series of episodes at the beginning and multiple episodes every week afterwards. Share your episode at a regular interval. It will help you to build your listener’s community. Publish more podcast series to advocate the number of downloads. 

If you post a minimum of three episodes at the beginning, your content will grab more attention from the audience. Your target audience will explore your channel for more episodes; otherwise, you may risk a new listener dropping off. It is because a single episode is not attention-grabbing and memorable. 

2. Promote your voice content on social media platforms

The social media platform is a great place to share your content because people now love to spend their leisure on social media, loves to read, watch, listen to new content.

Therefore, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter offer different approaches to sharing and promoting your new podcast series. You can share quotes, treasure clips, videos, images from any live streaming program or recorded program.

Facebook and Instagram are doing well. They are effective tools to increase your follower through stories, posts, and live videos.

Choose social media according to your podcast topic. If you want to share professional content or a B2B marketing podcast, then LinkedIn works well. If your podcast deals with political commentary, then promote your audio on Twitter. For entertainment, and shopping-related content, share your podcast on Instagram and Facebook.

How to share the podcast on the social media page?

  • Create a design using Canva free graphic tool and pin it to the Pinterest board of your account
  • Create a tweet on your Twitter page featuring your upcoming episode
  • Create an Instagram story for it
  • Be active in relevant Facebook groups and inform your audience when the latest episode of your podcast will publish. 

3. Engage your audience

Try to make your podcast engaging and valuable. Engaging content in any format creates your brand, spread your brand awareness, and increase followers.

To make an engaging piece of audio content, you have to understand the preference and choices of your listeners. Therefore, you need to interact with them through social media platforms. Make a community page relevant to your podcast and invite them to join. Read audience comments, respond to them. It will help you to grow through appreciation and constructive criticism.

Add a call-to-action button in your podcast, and it is important to keep listeners engaged. Encourage them to Like, subscribe to your channel, and ask them to share the podcast or leave a comment in the comment section

4. Make your podcast easy to share

You may create a different style of podcasts. Share option depends upon the type of podcast. Interview style podcasts are very famous now. The audience prefers to listen to the interview of famous personalities and their success stories. However, you can also share stories or drama in multiple episodes. The audience would like to listen and share them. Don’t forget to add a share button to your podcast.

The simple ways to encourage massive sharing include:

  • Create graphics with inspiring quotes
  • Write social media post related to your podcast
  • Write a catchy email that grabs the audience attention

The audience loves to share exciting and catchy content in any format. So make your podcast exciting and put a gentle nudge to share.

5. Convert to YouTube

It is a fantastic way to convert your podcast into YouTube videos. Many of your followers will find their favourite podcast on YouTube, and It will help you engage more audience from the YouTube platform.

6. Syndicate your podcast on a different platform

Podcast directories are an effective way to get new podcast listeners. People listen to podcasts across multiple platforms, including Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud, Podbean, Tunein, Overcast, stitcher.

7. Run giveaway

The audience love giveaway round. You can run give away to get more listeners to your podcast

These are the seven simple ways to promote your podcast online. If you want to give more professional touch, take the assistance of a digital marketing companyThey will guide you to get more effective results within a stipulated time.