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4 Reasons you should buy an R4 karte

You can certainly do wonders with your Nintendo DS gaming console when you have the R4 karte available to be used with it. If you still have not purchased your R4 card yet, then you shouldn’t waste any more time. There are plenty of online websites that sell these cards and all it will take you to buy one of them is about five minutes. There are several advantages of these cards that you simply cannot ignore.

Those that are passionate about their Nintendo DS know what they can do with the R4 karte that slots into the console. If you are looking for a reason to buy the R4 card then see below and we have given you four of them. One of them should be good enough to make you buy the R4 karte.

The R4 karte enhances the performance of your DS
When you use the Nintendo DS you find that although there is plenty of content in it there is much more that you cannot normally use on your DS. This is because of the licensing restrictions and also due to the fact that the DS hard drive is not rewritable. When you use the R4 karte with your DS you can bypass its normal booting process and use homebrew content to be played on the console. You can download stuff from the Internet and store it in a micro SD card that can then be attached to the R4 card. All the stuff can be used on the console when you use the card on the DS.

The R4 karte is easy to buy and maintain
You don’t have to hunt when you are looking to buy an R4 karte. Simply go to any online shopping website and you can easily find more than one R4 card. Check out the version of your Nintendo DS console and see the version of the R4 karte that is compatible with it. You have enough online websites to buy the card from. And the modern R4 cards are good enough to last you for years. When you change your console all you have to do is upgrade the card, if needed.

The R4 karte is very affordable
When you buy the R4 karte it is not a major investment at all. A few pounds and you have your R4 card. Search through multiple online shopping websites and check out the prices of the R4 cards that have in their store. You can surely save some money on your purchase when you compare the prices in different websites.

The R4 karte can store a lot of data
The modern R4 cards are compatible with micro SD cards that can store up to 32GB of content. This is a huge amount of storage space and you can watch all the movies that you want, play all the games, listen to all the music and read all the eBooks. The R4 karte may be small in appearance but it certainly packs a punch.


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