Religious tattoos have long been a popular choice for body art, often used to signify beliefs and to honor a higher power. In recent years, many women are turning to religious tattoo designs to represent unique stories and experiences. From small and subtle Christian tattoos to intricate and elaborate religious art, these meaningful religious tattoos for women are sure to bring inspiration and comfort. Whether you are looking for a beautiful and powerful reminder of your faith or a meaningful way to spread a meaningful message, these 20 best meaningful religious tattoos for women are sure to help.

History & Meaning of Religious Tattoos

The practice of tattooing religious designs dates back centuries, with the earliest known examples found in ancient Egypt, India, and parts of the Middle East. In these cultures, religious tattoos were popular among both men and women, often used to represent spiritual beliefs. Today, religious tattoos are still popular, with many people using them to express their faith or to honor a particular religion.

Biblical References

Throughout the Bible, there are many references to tattoos and their importance in different cultures. In the Old Testament, God instructed his chosen people to inscribe their faith onto their skin, describing the practice as an act of obedience and a mark of acceptance by God. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ makes reference to those who wear tattoos, showing his love and acceptance for those who choose to mark their skin.

Types of Religious Tattoos

There are many types of religious tattoos available for women to choose from, including Christian tattoos and symbols, as well as symbols from other major religions. Some popular symbols include the cross, angels, doves, and the Star of David. Women can also choose to get tattoos of religious figures, such as Jesus, Mary, and Buddha.

Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos are one of the most popular and meaningful religious tattoos for women. Cross tattoos can be simple and subtle or more intricate symbols. Cross tattoos can also be combined with other religious symbols, such as doves and stars.

Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos are another popular choice for women who are looking for meaningful religious tattoos. Angel tattoos can be designed to represent protection and guidance, or as a reminder to stay true to your beliefs.

Dove Tattoos

Dove tattoos are a beautiful and meaningful choice for women. Traditionally, doves are used to symbolize the Holy Spirit, peace, and love. Dove tattoos can be used to represent hope and renewal.

Star of David Tattoos

The Star of David is a common symbol used in Judaism, and it is a meaningful choice for those who identify as Jewish. Star of David tattoos can be used to represent faith in Judaism or to represent a connection to the Jewish culture.

Christian Symbol Tattoos

Christian symbols, such as fish, hearts, and anchors, are popular tattoo choices for those who follow Christianity. These symbols can be used to represent a firm belief in Christianity, or just a reminder to keep faith and stay true to one’s beliefs.

Buddhist Tattoos

Buddhist tattoos can be used to represent a strong connection to Buddhism and its teachings. Popular symbols include the lotus flower, which symbolizes enlightenment, and the Dharma wheel, which represents the teachings of Buddhism.

20 Best Meaningful Religious Tattoos for Women

1. Cross With Rose Tattoo

2. Angel Wings Tattoo

3. Star of David With Dove Tattoo

4. Jesus Fish Tattoo

5. Anchor of Faith Tattoo

6. Holy Trinity Symbol Tattoo

7. Heart with Cross Tattoo

8. Lotus Flower with Om Tattoo

9. Dove of Peace Tattoo

10. Wings of Protection Tattoo

11. Rosary Beads Tattoo

12. Om Symbol Tattoo

13. Buddha Portrait Tattoo

14. Flower of Life Tattoo

15. Hamsa Hand Tattoo

16. Yin Yang Tattoo

17. God is Love Tattoo

18. Biblical Verse Tattoo

19. Buddha Quote Tattoo

20. Guardian Angel Tattoo


Religious tattoos are a beautiful way to express your faith, represent your beliefs, and honor a higher power. These 20 meaningful religious tattoos for women are the perfect way to express yourself and your faith. Whether you are looking for a meaningful reminder of your faith or a powerful message, these tattoos are sure to help.