13 Reasons Sports Packages Are Man’s Best Friend

We all know that diamonds are a girls’ best friend. And we’ve been told that a dog is man’s best friend. While there’s no arguing the fact that diamonds definitely go a long way with the female of our species, when it comes to the canine being the best friend a man can get, there can be some argument in that. Sports packages have a lot of advantages in the “friend” department that a dog just can’t touch.

Here are a few reasons that sports TV packages are better than a dog:

1. You don’t have to take your sports packages out for a walk so it can do its business.

2. And sports packages won’t have an accident in the house.

3. If sports TV gets too loud or you need to make it hush, a simple button on the remote works fine.

4. Sports TV doesn’t have to be fed and watered.

5. Neither does it have to be taken to the vet.

6. Sports TV plays all night and all day. The best you can get out of a dog is a couple of hours or so, even when it’s a puppy.

7. Sports packages are ready to play when you are, instead of when they are.

8. It can even be argued that sports TV packages are cheaper than a dog.

9. Sports TV doesn’t take off after skunks and come back smelling so bad you can’t stand to have them in the house.

10. Sports TV packages won’t leave muddy paw prints all over the place.

11. You don’t have to pay attention to sports packages all the time. You can turn them off until you want to watch them again.

12. Sports packages won’t chew up your shoes or tear up your couch.

13. And sports TV packages won’t take up your side of the bed.

Granted, there are a lot of great reasons to have a dog, but if you love sports, then having great sports packages for football, baseball, basketball and even golf to sit and watch with your dog, or even your spouse, gives you hour after hour of great entertainment. And with all the great deals on satellite TV sports packages, not only can you get great entertainment at a great value but you can save enough money to get some great dog treats, toys and maybe even a girls’ best friend for your spouse. Now that’s value!

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