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10 Steps For Perfect Party Planning!

Whenever someone throws a party then all the guests like it and enjoy each and every moment of it. The party can be a birthday party or a get-together. But do you know that throwing a party is not as simple as it looks? Proper planning is required before the party so that the party can be memorable for the guests. Now I am going to tell you 10 steps for perfect party planning.

1. Consider the location – The location of the function is very important as it will decide the other activities related to it as well as the number of guests that you can invite to it. The location can be a restaurant, a hall taken on rent, the house of a relative or a friend, your own house, outdoors or indoors. Your choice of location will be influenced by the occasion and the season.

2. Pick a theme – The type of clothes to be worn by the guests depends on the theme of the function. The theme can be a slumber party, a dance, a dinner or a costume party. You have to wisely choose the theme so that each and every guest likes it. If in advance you will inform the guests about the theme’s specifics then they can prepare themselves for the function.

3. Decide your budget – As per your budget, you have to decide how much money you can pay for the function and what arrangements you can make for it.

4. Fix the day and time for the party – Fix that day for the function on which the guests do not have any problem in attending it. Suppose you want to host a function on a holiday then for deciding the right date for it you can ask some of your friends and you can also get help by checking the schedules of the local event. Hosting the function as per the convenience of guests will be a good idea.

5. Get ready for sending the invitations – Make a list of the guests whom you want to invite. You can save your money by sending invitations via email. Mention the contact information, location, time, date and occasion on the invitation. Always send the invitation some months or weeks earlier than the function.

6. Decide the type of food that you want to serve at the function – If your function is very big then you can hire a caterer for preparing and serving the food to the guests but if your function is small then you can host it at your home and prepare the food by yourself at your home. Include coffee and soft drinks at your function. First offer the snacks and then serve the meal. Ensure that the cups, napkins, plates and spoons are available in sufficient quantity.

7. Make arrangements for various activities to be performed at the event – You may take interest in booking a DJ for your function so that the guests can dance at the function on various songs. If you want the guest to mingle then in an area of the location, set up the games.

8. Select the kind of music to be played at the function – As per your function’s theme, choose music that is appropriate for it and also the guests can enjoy while listening to it. 

9. Prepare the location in advance – Just two days before the function you have to organize everything at the location and clean it up. Arranging games, decorating the venue and other important tasks need to be done a few hours before the function. Be ensure that soap, tissue and toilet paper are available in the restrooms.

10. Start the party and enjoy it – Tell the guests about the safety issues and the rules. Then let everyone including you to enjoy the function.

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