Well — they’re simple, easy to do, cost you little or nothing, and they work! Because it’s often hard to get started, most of these tips begin with the first step to a healthier you.

Health Tip 1: Get your vitamin D blood level tested and supplement with D3 as needed.

Scientists find many diseases linked to Vitamin D deficiency (like cancer and the flu). The recommended daily intake of 600 IUs (800 IUs for age 71 or greater), is not enough say most nutritional medicine experts.

Ask your doctor to check your vitamin D level, or order a test kit on-line and do it yourself. Then, “adjust your dosage so that blood levels are between 50-80 ng/ml,” recommends the Vitamin D Council.

Health Tip 2: Add 5 minutes to your walking time.

The most powerful anti-aging and health tonic known is exercise, with walking being one of the best.

Walk around the building at lunchtime, park your car further out in the parking lot — it all counts. Gradually build up to 30 to 45 minutes 5-days a week.

Health Tip 3: Meditate or relax 5 minutes a day.

Chose a relaxation or meditation technique you enjoy to counteract the damaging effects of stress.

Health Tip 4: Feel gratitude, or love at least once daily.

Emotions like these make you feel great. Plus, they improve heart rate variability, promote emotional stability, and help you think better too, report scientists at the Institute of Heart Math.

Think of something or someone you feel love or gratitude for (a person, a pet, something in nature). Then, focus on breathing in and out of your heart. Now, breathe the feeling of love or gratitude in and out through your heart for about 5-minutes.

Take a few minutes to reflect on what you’re grateful for before going to sleep or when first waking up too.

Health Tip 5: Simplify life and give to others.

Find that place where you feel you have “enough.” Then, live a life where “enough is enough.”

You’ll uncover what’s really important, and have more time and space for your spiritual self too.

Give away the stuff you haven’t used for awhile. It’s likely a treasure to someone in need.

Health Tip 6: Notice the light of the sunrise and sunset two days a week.

Bring your body more in harmony with the universal rhythm of the sun’s light. It regulates genes that control your internal biological clock that in turn regulates the release of hormones. These hormones govern sleep, physical energy, performance, and mood.

Health Tip 7: Consciously turn a negative thought into a positive thought 2 times a day.

Your mind is like a broadcast station in that your thoughts produce feelings that send biochemical messages all the way to your cells, and out to your immediate environment and ultimately the universe.

These messages can help or harm you; they can serve as obstacles or help you get more of what you want out of life.

First, be more aware of your thoughts, and then substitute those that harm you with those that help you.

Health Tip 8: Take a News-Fast One Day a Week.

Stop feeding your mind anxiety-producing messages delivered through the news just one day a week. Do it for 4-weeks and notice the difference.

Health Tip 9: Take a good well-balanced dietary supplement daily.

Even a healthy diet may not protect you from a top culprit of accelerated aging and life sapping disease — oxidative stress.

Give your cells the nutrients (antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals) they need to counteract oxidative stress.

Health Tip 10: Ask for help.

Do you ask for help when overburdened or distressed?
Asking for help can be as simple as asking a friend or husband to massage your sore shoulders or to take out the trash. Or, it can be asking for professional advice or help from a higher source too.

You’ll be surprised how effective and relationship building it can be!

Bottom Line

Print these 10 best health tips out and check them off as you complete them. Keep coming back to them during the year. Begin now using at least one to create a healthier you!